As the Churn Buster team continues to grow, we’re excited to announce that Scott Albertson has joined our ranks as Product & Integrations Engineer.

Scott ​has taken lead on product development, a​nd will be focused on enabling as many​​ ​payment ​integrations as possible​​.

​In the early days of Churn Buster, ​we only supported companies using Stripe as their payment processor.

​As time went on, we ​learned how painfully complex the payment integrations landscape was. We spoke with more and more companies not using Stripe​,​ who badly wanted ​the automation and visibility Churn Buster brings to failed payments.

​These companies were:​

  • ​Processing payments via a variety of processors—often more than one
  • Struggling with processors built on older technology, with limited access to data easily taken for granted with Stripe
  • ​Managing subscriptions​ elsewhere, using 3rd party software or in-house setups
  • ​Overwhelmed by ​the task of setting up even basic failed payment recovery (Stripe makes it easy to set​ ​up ​basic dunning yourself)
  • ​Completely in the dark when it came to failed payments, not knowing how much they were losing, and how/why

Scott joins us with ambitions to bring Churn Buster to thousands of companies, ​designed ​​to easily handle the most complex payment setups.

Before joining Churn Buster, Scott did consulting at thoughtbot and worked for product companies like Treehouse, Delighted and Groove. He also created Hound!

He’s been with us since January 1, is doing an amazing job, and has the whole team so excited for the next chapter at Churn Buster!

Matt Goldman

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