2018 is off to an exciting start for the Churn Buster Team. Just a few short months after we welcomed Scott Albertson, we’re excited to announce another new member!

Kristen DeCosta has joined our ranks as our Growth Marketer.

Kristen has taken on all things marketing. From content to email marketing, she is focused on telling the world our story. Kristen is excited to bring a fresh perspective to Churn Buster and spread the word about our product. She has her sights set on a library of content intended to educate, entertain, and bring Churn Buster to thousands of companies.

As Churn Buster has grown, we’ve learned that most founders don’t really understand churn. The more we encountered this issue, the more we realized how invaluable a dedicated marketer would be.

Kristen will be working tirelessly to create resources that help founders and companies:

  • Create a successful subscription business from day one
  • Understand the massive issue that is churn
  • Learn how they can prevent, reduce and manage their churn
  • Improve customer retention
  • Leverage Churn Buster’s capabilities to create a huge ROI

Before joining Churn Buster, Kristen worked as the Content Manager at Selz where she learned how to leverage the power of content. Kristen lives in Colorado Springs with her three rescue dogs and spends her weekends exploring the mountains.

She’s been with us a little over a week and already has some exciting plans for Churn Buster. Keep an eye out for a new wave of resources!

Matt Goldman

Author Matt Goldman

Partner, CEO. Matt filed his first tax return when he was 12...just for fun. He’s spent years helping SaaS companies understand their growth & churn, and now he spends his days busting churn. He also enjoys eggs.

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