We’re all about visibility here at Churn Buster. We truly believe that you should have all the information at hand when it comes to matters that have big impacts on your business.

Which is why we’ve released things like in-depth analytics, real-time Slack alerts, at-risk filtering, and now, weekly email digests.

Check them out:


Note: Kristen said “simply reply to this email” in the video. She is silly, you cannot reply to this email which is actually a post. Please reach out to anyone at Churn Buster with any questions or concerns on these weekly emails!
Kristen LaFrance

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Kristen is dedicated to educating companies and founders on the importance of customer retention and the dangers of ignoring churn. When she's not busting churn and crafting content, you can find her hiking a mountain or playing with her three rescue pups, Cooper, Tobi, and Finn.

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