Here at Churn Buster, we’re solely focused on one of the most important issues subscription-based businesses face: failed payments. And to us, the difference is in the details.

This week, we’re excited to announce three(!) new game-changing Slack alerts* for your recovery campaigns.

Before we dive into these alerts and what they mean, let’s take a step back and touch on why we’ve built out this Slack integration.

When it comes to matters of money (ahem, dunning) visibility and accountability are extremely important. And Churn Buster is the only dunning solution that provides real-time updates into your recovery campaigns.

These new alerts allow your team to roll up their collective sleeves, and recover valuable customers easily who would have otherwise churned.

Let’s dive into those alerts, shall we?

Churn Buster Slack Alerts (and what they mean)

Bounce Alerts (existing)

If you have the Slack integration already turned on, you have been receiving these notifications for some time, but let’s do a quick refresh on what they mean.

If one of our dunning emails bounces, you will automatically receive a Slack notification alerting your team of the undelivered email.

These alerts look like this:

Why are these useful?

Anyone who has sent marketing emails has spent time fussing over deliverability. Getting to the inbox is key. But many companies fail to apply this deliverability focus to dunning emails (which terrifies us).

For a company that bills customers on a recurring basis, an email bounce is a guarantee of future churn. How can a customer update their credit card information if they’ve never received the notice?

While we’ve put in the work to ensure your are securely delivered (shoutout to our partner, Postmark), bounces can still happen for a multitude of reasons.

  • Your point-of-contact switches jobs and her email no longer exists.
  • Your point-of-contact types his email address in wrong when signing up.

These scenarios lead to a definite bounce.

When you email them to ask for a new credit card after their original card eventually fails, you won’t be getting a response. And you’ll be churning a customer who may have stayed with you.

The bounce alerts in your Slack channel provide your team with the opportunity to spot high-value customers who aren’t receiving emails and step in to make the final save.

Grab a better point of contact, hop on the phone, send an in-app message, whatever it takes. Without these alerts, your team wouldn’t know to take this extra step.

Campaign Started (New!)

“Campaign started” alerts are the first new alert in our fully-stacked arsenal. Now, when a customer’s payment fails and we start doing our thing, you’ll know right away.

Here’s what these alerts look like:

Why are these useful?

With these alerts, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your recovery campaigns. This provides instant visibility into which customers are in our funnel, who we are emailing, and how many failed payment issues you are dealing with– in real time. Talk about accountability.

Campaign Outcomes (new!):

Not only are we showing you when campaigns started, we are now giving you instant alerts on the outcomes of those campaigns. Now you can know whether our campaigns were successful or not, without having to dig into the app. This high-level clarity is unmatched.

Campaign Won:

Campaign won alerts inform your team that the recovery campaign successfully retrieved new payment information from your customer.

Campaign Lost:

Campaign lost alerts inform your team that the recovery campaign failed to retrieved new payment information from your customer.

Why are these useful?

Again, these alerts allow your team to know when to step in. Was there a high-value customer who’s campaign resulted in a loss? Maybe a personal outreach from your team will make the final recovery.

These alerts also hold us accountable. We’re not hiding behind magic algorithms or machine learning. We’re the on the only team with 100% focus on recovering failed payments. All day. Every day. Now you can see that work in real-time.


Up to 40% of churn is caused by failed payments. If you’re not already working with Churn Buster, you’re underestimating the problem and over simplifying the solution. If you are working with Churn Buster, you’re confidently managing failed payments with full control and, now, full visibility.

With these new alerts (campaign started, campaign won, and campaign lost), Grow and Optimize customers will have a fully-featured Slack feed. You will now what’s working, what isn’t, and where you can add a little elbow grease to get the win.

Real money is on the table, and we’re not going to gamble with it. Connect your team, keep everyone on top of high-risk churn, and recover more revenue than ever before.

If you already have Slack alerts turned on, you will see these new ones rolling in. If you don’t have them turned on, you can do so in the integrations tab of your Churn Buster account.

If you’re not a customer, but are excited by this unmatched level of transparency, learn more about our features here or check out our plans and pricing now. We’d love to have you!

*Slack integration is a premium Churn Buster feature

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