I’m so excited to be able to announce the launch of the Playing for Keeps podcast, hosted by our very own Kristen LaFrance!

I’m excited for a few reasons:

1. I’ve listened to the soon-to-be-released episodes with retention experts from companies like Kopari and MeUndies (and they’re awesome).

2. Our team is in a unique position to surface incredible stories and tactics around retention. We have e-commerce experience on our founding team, and have been helping businesses scale their retention for the past 5 years.

3. Kristen is hosting the show. She’s part of the e-commerce community and has built relationships with leaders and teams that are working on truly amazing work.

If anyone can pry out the high-value, unspoken bits, it’s Kristen. 😉

Playing for Keeps will be digging into how subscription e-commerce companies (and non-subscription too) approach retention. Retention efforts aren’t easily visible from the outside, often targeted 1-1 to customers. So it can be difficult to learn from other leaders in the space.

Playing for Keeps is going to change that.

Be sure to tune in on Monday, September 16th when the show goes live on iTunes. Kristen will be sharing updates on Twitter as it rolls out.


Matt Goldman
CEO, Churn Buster

Matt Goldman

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