No matter how you slice it, requesting customers’ credit card information can be a cumbersome process. Whether you’re getting new customer cards on-file or requesting updated information on an existing account, you will always need a secure system for users to manually enter their card information.

Companies lacking a proper system in place for inputting card information overwhelm their support teams and decrease the overall user experience. Neither outcome is beneficial for your bottom line.

Here at Churn Buster, simple card-update landing pages come with our full all-in-one product. However, as we met and worked with more companies, we realized it was a product that should also stand alone. Enter Capture. Capture is designed to be a simple, easy-to-use tool for businesses of any size.

Capture provides your company with highly-optimized and simple landing pages for your customers to input their card information. Here are the top highlights on our new product:

No Login Required

With Capture, your customers are able to skip the most-frustrating aspect of updating their card: signing in. More often than not, a customer won’t recall their login information off the top of their head. This creates a frustrating hurdle in the updating process. By all means necessary, you need to create a seamless customer experience to better your chances of getting that info updated. With Capture, customers can update their card without ever logging into your app or billing system.

Mobile-Optimized Pages

Most of your customers will update their cards on their mobile devices. In fact, we see over 70% of updates happening on mobile devices. All Capture pages are automatically optimized for mobile-devices so you never have to worry about frustrating your customers with unapproachable pages.

Customizable Design

As consumers become more aware of phishing schemes and credit card scams, trustworthiness will make or break your card-update requests. With Capture, you can upload your logo, setup your brand colors, and use your own domain name on the landing pages. This customization ensures your customers can trust the page and update the info without concern.

Legitimate & Secure

No matter what, keeping your customer’s information is your #1 priority. Capture uses your domain and SSL certificate to avoid phishing concerns and ensure your customer’s privacy.

Integrates with Your Workflow

When a customer wants to pay you (or continue paying you), it should be easy to securely get a card-on-file. Capture hooks into your existing workflows to make the experience a delight for your customer and your support team.

Hosted Payment Forms

To ensure safety and positive UX, every customer will get a unique Capture page. Each page is specifically linked to their Stripe or Braintree customer ID. We make it easy to look up a customer by email address or ID and quickly share a link with them.

App Integrations

Capture seamlessly integrates with Help Scout, Gmail, and other CRMs/help desks. This makes it simple and painless for your support team to copy inks and paste them directly into customer conversations on-the-fly.

Instant Alerts

When a customer loads a Capture page, they’ll either be successful in making the update, or they’ll bounce. Capture integrates with Slack, Zapier, and Webhooks in order to keep your team informed on any and all action (or inaction) taken on those pages. These alerts allow your team to keep track of past-due customers and reach out when necessary.

Capture is a great product for support teams looking to deliver a simple and enjoyable experience to customers and companies of any size needing to get cards on-file without diving into complicated code or developer resources.

Capture as a standalone product is incredibly simple for your business and your customers. On your end, you simply login, enter in the customer ID, and Capture gives you a secure link to share with your customer. Whether you need to get an initial card-on-file or request updated information, Capture will make gathering this information a breeze.

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